we need a bRAND new congress

Government can work, and it can work for us. We simply need to retire a generation of career politicians who have followed ego and corporate profits, and hire young visionaries who lead from the heart to protect our people and our planet.


A conscious congress is an effective congress

As a Holistic Business & Leadership Coach, I spend my days unlocking human potential through deep one-on-one conversations. Drawing from my unique leadership experience working at the United Nations and public service for Teach for America— I model and teach powerful mindsets and lifestyle habits that optimize physical energy, mental clarity, and inner confidence— the ultimate sources of health, love and creativity.

Which has led to me contemplate..

What’s possible if Congress were to slow down, listen deeply, and think entrepreneurially?

Filling a seat of political power with my calming presence, inspiring energy, and fearless curiosity would offer a bold voice for sustainability, purpose, and wellbeing— a conscious mindset we urgently need in our national decision-making process.


Our real problem is Political disengagement

There is a growing consensus that corruption of our government is the root cause of all other dysfunctional public issues.

In a system “of, for & by the people”, this begs the question..

What part have we played in allowing our government to become corrupted?

As citizens of a democracy, we are ultimately accountable for the moral character and effectiveness of our elected leaders. By taking ownership of the part we’ve played in being bystanders of corruption, we can create opportunities to change it.

There is no power in complaining about “them”. Our political power lies within us.

Local artist credit: Jeffrey Fulvimari

Local artist credit: Jeffrey Fulvimari

WE NEED community organizing TO fix IT

Personal responsibility transforms an individual. Collective responsibility transforms a country.

Together, it is possible to organize a people-powered movement to activate disengaged voters across communities, one meaningful conversation at a time.

With an authentic and relationship-driven approach, we can empower our neighbors to wake-up, speak-up, and step-up to vote— ushering in the transparent and courageous leaders of our next generation.



Every vote— by ballot or dollar— either supports or protests this underlying corruption. There is no middle-ground in justice. We either enable our democracy to crumble, or consciously choose to strengthen it.


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