a generational shift in consciousness is underway


  • Profits > People & Planet

  • Subsidizing corporate wealth

  • Preparing for war

  • Constant consumption

  • Racism & sexism

  • “Not in my back yard”

  • Politicians as celebrities

  • Campaigns powered by money

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  • People & Planet > Profits

  • Investing in local wealth

  • Building peace

  • Sustainable living

  • Diversity & equity

  • Not in our back yard

  • Politicians as community leaders

  • Campaigns powered by people

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it’s time for our politics to align with our values

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To accelerate systemic change, we need holistic solutions that integrate Politics, Business and Spirituality.

Only within a public-private partnership framework— rooted in ethics and values— will we be able to co-create effective solutions to our economic & environmental crisis of sustainability, and our social crisis of health and meaning.


the mindset of wellbeing is progressive

As candidate and lead organizer, I support the Justice Democrats National Agenda, which puts the wellbeing of people and planet over profit, and invests in social justice, health and sustainable local economies. These progressive policies are simply non-negotiables to living our American values of democracy and freedom.

However, these remedial fights for human rights and justice are not the end goal. They are the starting line.

If we want to thrive as a society, we need to invest in the inputs that optimize human potential.


We all deserve access to health, wealth and love

Both national and locally, the Conscious Congress agenda seeks to build:

Proactive Health:
Medicare for All is the baseline. Cultivating health is where we need to grow.

  • Integrate mindfulness programs into schools, hospitals & community centers

  • Expand access to NJ-grown produce via Fresh Markets, urban farming & school gardens

  • Fund affordable access to proven wellness practices, including yoga and meditation

Local Wealth:
Access to a living wage is the baseline. Meaningful work that sustains a healthy lifestyle and sustainable communities is where we need to grow.

  • Invest in local main-street businesses that make a community’s culture come alive

  • Incubate social enterprises designed to solve urgent social & environmental threats

  • Develop entrepreneurship courses in high schools, colleges, and community centers

Sustainable Living:
Acknowledging that human behavior and industrialization negatively impacts the environment is the baseline. Building a renewable and sustainable economy is where we need to grow.

  • Support and expand NJDEP Energy Master Plan, including community solar pilot projects

  • Invest in sustainable flood protection systems, such as Rain Gardens and natural coastal barriers

  • Expand sustainable fishing and regenerative farming practices, including school gardens, urban farming, and small-scale fishing