democracy flows from human VALUES, notmonetary value”

As a Holistic Business & Leadership Coach, I’ve invested in years of “inner work”. This intense personal growth process has guided me to cultivate a mastery of Mindful Leadership, including the art of:

  • Listening deeply

  • Asking challenging questions

  • Inspiring creative thinking

  • Facilitating collaboration

My theory of change is that meditation, truthful conversations and unbiased information can solve any problem— public or private.


Through a deep coaching process, I’ve ignited transformational business and lifestyle decisions for highly successful and creative professionals, by living and teaching these core values:

  • Be Present: Giving the gift of attention

  • Curiosity: Seeking the lesson through non-judgemental awareness

  • Vulnerability: Being authentic and transparent

  • Faith: Practicing the art of trust and acceptance

  • Gratitude: Honoring the positive

  • Love: Identifying fear-based vs. love-based thinking in any situation

  • Non-violent Communication: Speaking truth, with empathy & kindness

  • Personal Responsibility: Being accountable for decisions and outcomes

  • Commitment: Showing up fully and consistently; persevering in the face of challenges

  • Courage: Taking bold action from the heart, even when it is unpopular and uncomfortable


“Professional politicians” are followers. community members are LEADERS.

As the first Congresswoman of CD-04— guided by the above Core Values— I intend to:

  • Take courageous action— emboldened by a people-powered movement. Basic human and constitutional rights are simply non-negotiables, no matter whose power and influence they challenge.

  • Speak-up boldy for justice— exposing the corrupt political establishment, by consistently asking the uncomfortable questions that reveal true motivations.

  • Show-up frequently in the community as a neighbor, Leadership Coach and entrepreneurial partner for local-level progress.

  • Host a monthly town-hall meeting— on video via Zoom, and in person whenever possible.

  • Keep my primary address in NJ— at my beloved Jersey Shore, near my big Italian family. The cultural roots which shape my love for nature, cooking, and togetherness.

In partnership with your civic engagement and vote, I intend to do what you pay a Representative to do: serve your interests and address your concerns— not the corporate political agenda at the expense of our collective health & wellbeing.