“why should I vote for you?”

This is one the most fascinating questions we ask our political candidates.

The truth is.. I’m not sure yet if you should.

After a few practice rounds of trying to “prove myself” and “say the right thing”, I pulled out my mindfulness tools to reconnect with my bigger Why.

The most authentic response, is actually a question:

What are you most concerned about?

I look forward to personally hearing what you think, whether through phone, e-mail, or a face-to-face conversation. From there, I’ll tell you my position on the issue so that you can decide if you trust me to represent you with your vote.


real-life voices you can trust

Profit-driven media— including social-media algorithms— play a huge part in our democracy dilemma. For this system to work, we need fair access to unbiased information and diverse perspectives that help us make informed decisions

The power of this campaign is its commitment to being a community driven effort. To that end, here are a few generous things real-life people have to say about their experience of me along this organizing journey so far.

There are rare people you meet that you know, from the moment you meet them, are here for a reason: to change the world! To make a dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs would have said. Idealism is alive and well in Ms. Conforti’s vision, but with a well thought out plan of action and rationale behind it. I’m not a political junkie but I pay attention to what’s going on and it is clear to me, as it is to many others, that we are living in a momentous time, a time when our young leaders need to step up and forge a new - or perhaps reborn - vision of our future. I believe Christine Conforti is one of those leaders. I trust her to change the tone of our political discourse, to listen to wildly diverse opinions, to show us that the future can indeed be better for all Americans, and that the core values of our founding fathers can resonate in the 21st century.
— Manolo Teijelo, Financial Planner, Ocean Grove
We need more people like Christine in Congress. If we did, so many of the issues in our country would be resolved. I trust that Christine will fight for more environmentally friendly policies, create more community gardens and farmer markets, make healthcare more affordable, and help people prevent diseases before they emerge/treat the underlying causes of diseases instead of only treating the symptoms. Overall, she wants people to live happier, healthier lives. She wants people to live in harmony not just with each other, but with their own self. She wants to bring back a sense of community and trust. She wants to bring back what this country has lost so long ago, but in a new and innovative way.
— Sandy Froonjian, Biology Teacher, Freehold
Alberto Jimenez.jpeg
Christine is precisely the type of person I want to represent me in our government— a true partner. Someone willing to listen, recognize the gifts or privilege they live with, and who desires to turn that energy into a productive output. Someone who is uncompromising when it comes to progressive rights, and is willing to join the fight to make it happen. Someone who believes that while one person can make a difference, we are a different type of force when we join our voices together.
— Alberto Jimenez Jr., Healthcare Director of Business Analysis, Long Branch
I first met Christine because she supported my kombucha business. Immediately, I could tell that she is a genuine person who wants what is right for our planet and people. Her heart is in the right place. As a small business owner, I know how important it is to support small, local, and/or organic businesses. It is a more sustainable way to live and creates happier communities. Christine wants to make farmer markets more common and available in order to help local businesses and farmers, and to allow consumers to buy products/produce they might not have known about.
— Martin Holleran, Registered Nurse & Small Business Owner, Freehold