Conscious politics mastermind

Leadership. Activism. community


Whatever the problem, community is the answer.

Our ultimate is mission to empower 400 community leaders to deepen the political conversation with fellow family members, neighbors, and colleagues. We win— one conversation at a time— by transforming the transactional model of campaigning into a relational model of authentic community organizing.

We transform anger and apathy into inspired voting action by listening deeply and offering the perspective of possibility and change. At scale, this achieves our goal of activating 40,000 new voters to exert their political power in November 2020 election.

how this peer-to-peer model works:

  • We meet people where they’re at.

    Creative and committed professionals make up our core leadership team across “Community Verticals”— meeting places & interests that organically shape a sense of community.

    The big goal of the Community Vertical Leader is to grow a personal network of 40 creative and committed super-volunteers, and coach them to build a relationship with 40+ fellow citizens who are new to politics.

    Our growing Community Verticals currently include:

    • Yoga studios

    • Teachers

    • Nurses

    • Mothers

    • Local business owners

    • Artists

    • Environmental Activists

    • College Students

    • High-school Seniors

    • Marianne Williamson organizers

    • Andrew “Yang Gang” organizers

    • People for Bernie organizers

  • We support each other in small leadership coaching groups called the “Conscious Politics Mastermind”.

    The Mastermind group of 10 leaders meets weekly to:

  • Brainstorm creative activism ideas

  • Workshop challenging political conversations

  • Hold space for accountability, community, and optimism throughout the election cycle

  • We commit to learn and grow through studying and applying 4 fundamental mindful leadership tools.

    Every volunteer commits to becoming a “Citizenship Coach”— a powerful community leader that emerges through a journey of self-awareness, empathy, and optimism mind-training. This leadership development “ inner work” happens through a mindful morning routine, weekly Mastermind sessions, and intentionally deep conversations with fellow citizens.


Every start-up contribution in invested directly into the Conscious Politics Mastermind— a vehicle for leadership development and citizen empowerment . You choose which resource is most aligned with your personal and professional mission:

1. The 5 Minute Journal


To build mental resilience in the face of uncomfortable conversations and community organizing challenges. We consciously focus our attention on what’s possible, thereby strengthening our creative problem-solving.

TOTAL Cost: $7,800

Investors needed: 3


3. The Coaching habit


To transform our conversations into meaningful connections by practicing the art of asking questions and allowing political conversations to flow freely. We ask permission to give our personal insights, and invite our neighbor to consider a different perspective when it feels safe and natural to do so.

TOTAL Cost: $4,400

Investors needed: 2

2. Headspace meditation APP


To slow down our thinking, cultivate an energy of peace, and strengthen our empathy muscle to non-judgmentally connect with and listen to other citizens— especially those who hold different beliefs and worldviews.

TOTAL Cost: $14,400

Investors Needed: 5


4. rules for revolutionaries


To educate our people-powered team on the “why” behind our centralized strategy. The principles of big-organizing are at the core how we develop volunteers into leaders, and how we win an “impossible” election.

TOTAL Cost: $5,700

Investors needed: 2