big-organizing changes everything

One of my core leadership coaching questions is this:

"What’s the one thing that— if it were true— would change everything?”

To Congressional District NJ-04 I say: Our “one thing” is BIG-ORGANIZING.


we avoid this:

In CD-04, the “No Vote” rates were: 32% in Mercer, 18% in Monmouth, 30% in Ocean County

In CD-04, the “No Vote” rates were: 32% in Mercer, 18% in Monmouth, 30% in Ocean County

by doing this:

  • Empowering 120,000+ disengaged citizens to cast an informed and intentional vote

  • Merging this movement with the historically consistent Democratic voters (via the Democratic Party “line”).  


we ARE powered by local leaders

Are you tired of watching our democracy crumble?

Are you feeling the “existential depression” of the moment, and struggling to live a meaningful life?

Are you ready get out of your comfort zone and “get political”?

Our Citizenship Coaching Program will give you the mindset and skills you need to transform that anger into high-impact actions:

  • Sending personalized, handwritten notes on vote-by-mail applications

  • Initiating meaningful face-to-face conversations with your neighbors

  • Growing our movement and inspiring more citizens to join through public speaking on the political issues most aligned with your personal experience


leadership COACHING is our superpower

This is our campaign mantra:

Everyone is a valued member, on a winning team, on an important mission.

Our big-organizing core is developed and support by:

  • Self-awareness: Mindfulness tools and curated leadership and activism books

  • Coaching: Leadership development trainings and group coaching with Christine and the core team of “Conscious Politics” coaches

  • Community: Weekly small-group "Conscious Politics" meet-ups for connection, problem-solving, & solidarity in our vision for meaningful & sustainable living

This is a pioneer campaign of meaningful conversations, leadership development & citizen empowerment.